Counselling provides a time and a place for you to sit and consider anything or everything which is bothering you in a detached but warm, accepting and genuine environment at a time when life is being difficult.   

It could be a thing or things nagging from the past, troubling you in the present, or creating a sense of trepidation for the future, or possibly a combination of all. Only you can know what that thing or things are. That is not my decision to make it is yours. Therefore, I only work with the material you bring and because of that I am committed to supporting you and working with you in a person-centred creative style. This is intended to facilitate your individual needs within a therapeutic process which will enable you to own the experience and take from it what is important to you. 

My style is one which has evolved from a combination of theory, continuous learning, and many hours of practising with individuals, young adults, couples, and importantly, the experience of life itself. If it sounds like an approach you think might help you and you would like to know more, I will be glad to receive a call, text or email so we can discuss what it is you are looking for from counselling time.

 "...when every day seems like a rainy day, counselling can be the first step towards a clearer view of your 'self'..."






"...helping you get to the heart of the

matter safely and at your own pace..."


 "...and with positive therapeutic change, you will feel more confident, self aware and in control, with a sense of brighter days ahead..."