Supervision provides a time and a place for you to sit and consider anything and everything regarding your client work confidentially and transparently in a warm trusting accepting environment under the guidance of a professional code of ethics; and which is essentially a working relationship, a living contract, to suit your needs as a counsellor, supervisee and individual and protecting the best interests of your clients at all times.   

It is also a time for developing a greater sense of self-awareness and to recognise if there are any unresolved personal issues arising through your client work which if left unattended could possibly compromise your future therapeutic alliance with them. If so to then go on and consider for yourself undertaking some personal work to benefit yourself, your clients and of course your supervision in this regard.

I believe supervision should be supportive, developmental and qualitative and I am commited to facilitating you in a person-centred creative style with these goals in mind. It is my intention to encourage you in your own counselling style and further enhance your development in your own theoretical approach within your client work by encouraging an extensively reflective and reflexive practice. 


 "...experiencing supervision in a trusting, developmental, supportive and qualitative relationship can be a very fruitful experience..."





"...sometimes as counsellors we can feel blocked in the therapy room. It is important in the best interests of the client to take time for ourselves too..."


 "...supervision facilitates reflective practice, reflexivity and greater clarity of the therapeutic alliance between counsellor and client..."






My supervision model and style is holistic and creative in approach because I believe it should facilitate not only the exploration of every element of the client(s) which is relevant only to them but also embrace your sense of yourself in their process too.  A multi-function tool if you like which also enables me in my process as your supervisor.

It is one which has evolved from a combination of theory, continuous learning (personally and professionally) and many hours and years of practising regularly in a variety of organisational settings in which I have experience of clinical supervision, individual, peer and group supervision in addition to the ‘all-important’ client work – all under the umbrellas of differing ethical frameworks, organisational responsibilities and accountabilities, safe guarding, embracing difference and equality and various theoretical approaches.   

As a registered member of the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) I abide by their Code of Ethics.

I welcome enquiries from qualified counsellors and trainees alike as well as supervisees from other professions e.g. NHS